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Man, I can not seem to keep up-to-date on this site! But if you are curious as to what I’ve been up to, give me a follow on social media! I am ALWAYS posting over there. I post about traveling, working, family, and… writing!

If you caught my last post (from March :/ ), you see that I had a KickStarter going for my children’s book “Animal Clothes & Other Silly Poems” – well, it was fully funded!!! I have been busy mailing out the backer rewards and pre-orders. Boy, that’s a lot of work! But I am so HAPPY – the book is amazing! Not just because I wrote it – because of the amazingly talented artists that I collaborated with.

What’s that? You want to know how to get your own copy? Well, you are in luck – I have a link for you!

Animal Clothes & Other Silly Poems

Please let me know if you get a copy!

And for my next trick, I have another book coming out!

Next weekend,

“The Archaic Chest – 12 Tales of Shadow” releases on Amazon

The Archaic Chest 12 Tales of Shadow

I am over the moon excited about it! This collection of short stories is brought to you be Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing, part of Nosleep Podcast family.

And it features beautiful cover art by the multi talented Gemma Amor

Be on the look out for more info!

Until next time,


Animal Clothes & Other Silly Poems

I am so very excited to announce that I just launched a KickStarter for my first children’s book.!!!

It all began with a song and a dance, and my sock tucked into my pants. Writing silly poetry is an extreme passion of mine. Our world can be so harsh and sad; but I strive to celebrate the goofiness, the wackiness, and the downright ridiculousness of life. And what better way than to make kids of all ages laugh. 

I would love it so, so, SO MUCH if you could check it out. And if you like the project and decide to back it – thank you! I would also love it if you could share it – the more it gets out, the better chance it will get fully funded.

You guys are amazing and are really the best ❤

Time for an update!

Wow, I am the worst at updating this site – sorry about that! Let’s see, the last I talked about was the Pride Month games that I GMed – well those were freaking amazing! I will post some links at the bottom for you all to check out if you so desire.

Let’s see:

Comic conventions are back! Yay! My first one was last month in Grand Rapids, MI. It was nice a chill, I got to work with Peter Tomasi, who if you don’t know is so freaking talented!

Next week is my second comic convention – Cincinnati Comic Expo. This is my home show, so I run the comic panels and sketch duels. And this year, I’ve so many new ideas! If you are in the area, stop by and say HI!

Then October is my super busy month! I’ve got 4 comic shows, 2 Halloween themed DND games, stories to write – Oh, and it’s my birthday month. More on that to come later!

Now, down the real news. I am currently working on a book with Mikel Wisler, it’s a sci-fi – space – horror story that will make for one heck of a book! We are really freaking excited about it and can’t wait to share it with the world!

I am also working on my own novella about a wendigo – it’s gonna be super twisted. And I have a few stories that have been picked up by podcasts that have been and will be out throughout the year. One was just on The NoSleep Podcast in July, season 16 episode 14 (here’s the link:×14); one will be on Thirteen Podcast next week, and one was picked up by Creepy and should be out sometime this year. I’m very excited and have so many more projects in store!

Here are the links to two of the Pride Games that I GMed:

I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter

Sexy Battle Wizards

Unfortunately, the third game I GMed was pulled from Twitch in time but I did get to play in one game, so here’s that link too!

Beautiful Space Pirates


It’s been a hot minute since I have posted an update – so for that, I apologize, but things have been pretty busy the past two months.

What’s been going on?

  1. Well, I have had three short stories picked up by three different podcasts – each of which will be out later this summer!
  2. I have been taking part in Helpful Goat Presents “Pride Month TTRPG” – I played in one game and I am the GM for three! The last game will be this Saturday. Don’t worry, I will post links to YouTube for your viewing pleasure!
  3. And in between writing three oneshots for HG, I am also working on my novella ‘The Hunger’, plus a couple of other short stories that I am getting ready for submissions.
  4. I also created some Pride Month art pieces! You can check those out here: & here:

So, I have been keeping super busy but should have lots more to share next month!

Love, Loss and a French Phrase

It has been a month since the sudden loss of my furry soulmate, Fawkes. I’m not gonna lie, I have cried so much over these last 30 days, that there are times that I can’t cry at all. Fawkes came into my life in 2014 and I was forever changed. She was more than an adorable ball of fluff and snot, she held my soul.

For those who met her, you know that there never was nor will there ever be another like Fawkes. I have finally been able to put words to many of the feelings that I have been experiencing, and with the help of a French phrase that a dear friend shared with me, I am now ready to share it with the world.


Tu me manques

My heart is missing a large crucial piece.

Even still, my love for you will never cease.

Quand je marche

Aimlessly around this sad house I walk,

Searching for the missing key to my heart’s lock.

Quand je ris

Your cuteness allowed you to do as you please.

But I’d laugh at you as you fell off the bed during a powerful sneeze.

Quand je pleure

Bedtime is the hardest, I can’t help but cry.

And no amount of stuffed animal snuggles can pacify.

Mon ame avec toi

You are gone and so is a part of my soul.

But because you existed, my life was made whole.

For reference, the phrase and translation:

“Tu me manques, Quand je marche, Quand je ris, Quand je pleure, Mon ame avec toi.”

You are missing from me, When I walk, When I laugh, When I cry, My soul is with you.


The Darkness Within book

Greeting ghouls & cool cats!

Everyone loves free stuff, so I’m giving away a copy of my poetry book “The Darkness Within”!!!

The giveaway will be active across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – you may enter once per social media platform – and will run from 12 pm EST 3/12/21 to 12 pm EST 3/19/21. The lucky winner will be randomly drawn from all entries and will be announced by 5 pm EST on the 3/20/21.

So click the links on the page, find the giveaway post, and… Good luck!

Merch! I’ve got merch for sale!

T-shirt featuring artwork of Chuckles the Clown.
Chuckles the Clown t-shirt

Hey ghouls and kittens, I now have merchandise available for your pleasure! The shop is active and new items will be added weekly. So if you don’t see something that you love yet – just wait!

You can get my art on anything from a t-shirt to a shower curtain, a greeting card to a tote bag, or a notebook to a pillow. I mean who doesn’t want to snuggle up at night with a creepy clown?

Head on over to my shop on Threadless – “VextheAbyss”. Here’s the link!

That one time…

So, I had a cool moment last week. I had the honor to be featured, along with 3 other kickass women, in an article about Women in Horror.

Want to read it? I know you do. So don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Step one: Head on over to The Creepy Celery and check out Women of Horror Part 1

Step two: like, follow, and share this article.

Step three: check out all of our works. All of them!

Step four: Repeat!

Four Decades and I’m Still a Work in Progress

A few months ago, I turned 43 (WOOT!!) and I wanted to take a moment, or twenty, to share all the nuggets of honesty that I learned since turning 40.

A lot of people, especially women, are slightly terrorized, no… anxious about turning the ‘BIG 4-0’. To be honest, I was too. I was at this awkward spot in my life that had me really hating on myself for not hitting all the benchmarks that humans are supposed to hit by their 40th birthday. Don’t ask me to list them, I don’t know what they are… I just know that I was supposed to cross them off the list by 40.

Anyways, my 40th birthday charged in like a wild stallion, and I celebrated with tacos and friends. It was AMAZING! There was a glorious taco bar, fabulous friends, and cold beer – seriously, what else could a girl ask for? I spent my night celebrating and stuffing my face with tacos. Just when I thought that the night was perfect, a fast realization came flying straight out of left field and I wasn’t wearing a mitt.

Holy shit, I’m 40.

Say what now?

Yup, you are the ‘BIG 4-0’. What are you gonna do about it?

This was all an internal conversation of course; I tend to have those. Quite frequently, if you ask my husband. So, I decided to have a real heart to heart with Kriss. Amid medical issues that I was having at the time (I’ll dive into all of that in a separate TMI article) I really needed to take stock of what I valued.

Behold, the fruits of my self-revelations, listed below, in no particular order. Except for the last one – don’t worry, you’ll see.

  1. It no longer matters if I’m liked or accepted. I now do me, for me; not to be what someone else wants for the sake of being liked.
    • Stop trying to say, do or believe what you think others want or will accept. Life is truly too short to be anything but yourself. I am a magical unicorn – deal with it!
  2. Small things can make the biggest impact. Hold that door. Make that small talk.
    • Every day we are met with opportunities to be the bright side of another person’s day. If it is truly in your nature to be kind (and I really hope that it is) do something small or simple – it really could be a life changing moment.
  3. It is never too late for your life to completely change to what you’ve always wanted.
    • Get at it. Most of the time, the only thing holding you back is you.
  4. Protect your alone time.
    • Duh. It’s simple, self-care is SO important! Take the 10 minutes to relax or to apply that clay mask. Also, don’t be afraid to go solo – dinner, movies, coffee shop – it keeps us centered and allows us to reconnect with ourselves. 
  5. Learn to say “No”.
    • Goes hand in hand with the previous thought. We get so caught up trying to take care of everyone else that we forgot how to set boundaries. Set those boundaries. Create those limits.  Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did.
  6. Around every corner is the fascination of the unknown and sometimes the life changing.
    • My anxiety really likes to challenge this one. It hates the unknown! But I am slowly using my own advice and learning to take a chance. Get out of your head, grab your battle axe, and split open that comfort zone!
  7. You can “Unfollow” anyone.
    • Seriously, this is one of the most important things I have learned. Social media can be an amazing life tool; you can connect, re-connect and when it gets too much to handle – you, can disconnect. I don’t care if they are family, colleagues, or the freaking president – if they post stuff that you don’t want to see, click “Unfollow” and move on.
  8. Take a 10-minute walk. Take an hour nap.
    • Sometimes, we need a break. That break can come in the form of a refreshing brisk walk or from a blissful nap. Either way, take it and enjoy every moment of it.
  9.  Smile because you want to. Not because someone says you’d be “cuter” if you did.
    • Got resting bitch face? Rock it.  I posted a picture (a selfie, yeah I’m one of those) one time that I really liked and while I was silently awaiting the flood of acceptance in the forms of ‘Likes’; I got a comment that said I was missing a smile. Basically, I’d be cuter if I smiled. Yeah, you could say that I was annoyed.
  10. Be your own advocate. For health, education, career… you get the idea.
    • I suffered for years with medical issues that went undiagnosed because my doctors wouldn’t do their job. I had to take the lead and get the info for the correct action to finally happen and I am SO much happier now! Do your own research. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  11. You’re never too old to cuddle a stuffed animal.
    • Before the world broke, I traveled a lot for a side hustle. I’m used to cuddling with one or all 5 of my cats, but when traveling, I’m in a different bed. So, I travel with a purple hippo pillow pet that my husband got me for Christmas a few years ago and I sleep soundly cuddled with it!
  12. Just because they’re family, doesn’t mean that you can’t cut them out. Toxic is toxic, blood or not.
    • Toxic relationships can be devastating to your wellbeing. Toxic family relationships? Well, those can be far worse and lead to a lifetime of pain. If you can, get out, move on, and find your tribe.
  13. Play with your eyeshadows; have fun.
    • Don’t be too serious. Remember, they are called ‘make-up artists’ and art is individual! And plumb eyeliner is fabulous for fall. Can’t find plumb eyeliner? No worries, gel lip liner is a fantastic substitute.
  14. Geek out about what inspires you. Get passionate about something in life.
    • Find what moves you. Whether it is public speaking, art, movies, cooking – you get the idea – get out and do it! You will bring so much love into the world and you will be happy.
  15. If you like how an outfit looks – wear it!
    • Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old for an outfit. You feel comfortable in cargo pants? Rock them! You like combat boots with your miniskirt? Hell yeah! Love graphic tees and funky sweaters? Now you’re speaking my language!
  16. Hate makes you unbearable to be around.
    • I know it’s not humanly possible to like everything and everyone, BUT we don’t have to be nasty about it. Don’t care for a person? Don’t be around them. Don’t agree with a company’s policy? Don’t shop there. And for all things holy – don’t bash it out on social media.

Saving the best, and hardest, for last—

Love your body.

Body acceptance comes before body positivity. We must accept that our bodies are killin’ it. That our temples are holding it together and all that matters is that we accept it where it is and love it.

Well, those are my nuggets of wisdom. Fair note, I don’t always succeed at these. I try though.

 What about you? What life truths do you try to live by?

Creating a website… kinda sucks

For some time I have wanted one place where I can link all of my stuff. One place where I can post about all of the things that makes my cold heart pump blood. Once place where I can relax.

“It’d be easier,” they said. “More streamlined,” I thought.

Yeah, well, the above may be true but creating this sort of thing that I really have no idea how it actually works – well, let’s just say… “Balls!”

I appreciate you checking out my “website” and really do welcome constructive criticism. Constructive only! Deconstructive has no place here.

Many thanks!

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